Add Sound Healing to Your Instructional Day

Sound healing is a very quick way to stabilize the energy in the room by centering, grounding, and orienting your students.

I use chakra balancing crystal bowls I purchased with a cash award I received from being named the 2020 New Jersey Governor’s Teacher of the Year in my school. The PTO purchased the cases you see in the image below through an annual grant they offer.

Does your school offer any incentives you can to take advantage of to purchase a set of these?

Witness the shift in energy!

You will be amazed as you witness the energy level of the class shift as you begin to play. The kids ask for them ALWAYS! My students beg for stillness. Let LOVE being grounded and having their heart chakras opened.

If you’ve never attended a sound healing session, you may want to begin there to first experience what you can provide for your students.


YouTube also has a lot of online session you can attend from the comfort of your own home. Here are a few I’ve hand picked for you:

1 Hour Release Anxiety & Tension 10 Minute Sound Bath 1 Hour Chakra Cleanse

Check out your local yoga studio for upcoming workshops. Other places you can inquire about such events would be the local acupuncturist, cranial sacral therapist, or any other alternative healing location in your surrounding area.


How do I do this?

There’s no need to know how to “play” these chakra balancing bowls, allow your intuition to guide you. These color-coded bowls above are aligned with the colors of the energy chakras in the body. I like to ask the kids what they are in need of or how they are feeling and then I focus on using just those bowls. Click on the image and be taken to the Amazon link.

I often begin and end with the large red, root chakra, bowl. There favorites that they really don’t like to stray from are the red – root chakra, green- heart, yellow – power center, and light blue – third eye/intuition.

Student Testimonials

Mrs. Caputo, I felt sick all morning, but now that we’ve done the bowls, I feel really strong and so much better. Thank you. I’m nowhere near as nervous today.

I felt a big swoosh right in the center of my chest as you started to play the green bowl.

The exciting thing about this quote above is that the green bowl is in tuned with the heart chakra. 🙂

How about something smaller like this:

Click on the image and be taken to the Amazon link.